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What the images look like and how they're interpreted:


        Ribeye                     IMF%                       Rump






Need help getting ultrasound barnsheets? Below are videos/tutorials from breed associations.

Red Angus sent us a video to use, click on the other breeders to get their video/tutorials. 

Red Angus








If you don't see the breed you want or are having trouble getting the barnsheets pulled, call or email us and we will help you. 


Find a Technician: List by State

Name: Brian Frank
Address: 28028 County Road 9, Haxtun, CO 80731
State: Colorado
Phone: 970-218-0309
E-mail: bepreciseag@hotmail.com or b_frank80@hotmail.com


Name: Matthew Hahn
Address: 74 County Road 2700E, Minonk, IL 61760
State: Illinois
Phone: 309-645-9656
E-mail: mhahn1894@gmail.com


Name: Jake Johnson, DVM
Address: 7727 Old State Rd, Breese, IL 62230
State: Illinois
Phone: 618-526-0427
E-mail: clintoncountyvet@gmail.com


Name: Will Larson
Address: 1625 210th Ave., Diagonal, IA 50845
State: Iowa
Phone: 641-344-8258
E-mail: bonnielarson10@gmail.com


Name: Bonnie Larson
Address: 1625 210th Ave., Diagonal, IA 50845
State: Iowa
Phone: 641-344-8258
E-mail: bonnielarson10@gmail.com


Name: Toby Muller
Address: 1408 110th Ave. Adair, IA 50002
State: Iowa
Phone: 515-971-6913
E-mail: utraova@iowatelecom.net


Name: Shawn Nicholson, DVM
Address: 827 E. Front Street, Stuart, IA 50250
State: Iowa
Phone: 515-523-1755
E-mail: drshnicholson@stuartvetclinic.com


Name: Michael Lindell
Address: 9691 Shermand Rd., Leonardville, KS 66449
State: Kansas
Phone: 785-293-5282
E-mail: hightechbeef@yahoo.com


Name: Paul Ritter, DVM
Address: 2903 County Rd. 320, Monument, KS 67747
State: Kansas
Phone: 785-672-2500
E-mail: docritter@yahoo.com


Name: Heather Conrow
Address: 4781 Hwy 87, Franklin, MO 65250
State: Missouri
Phone: 573-239-1878
E-mail: TrustInUltrasoundImaging@gmail.com


Name: Craig L. Hays
Address: 27577 State HWY CC, Maryville, MO 64468
State: Missouri
Phone: 660-373-1897
E-mail: craiglhays@yahoo.com


Name: Becky Hays
Address: 27577 State HWY CC, Maryville, MO 64468
State: Missouri
Phone: 660-562-2074
E-mail: bhays@ultrainsights.com


Name: Samantha Brandes
Address: 27577 State HWY CC, Maryville, MO 64468
State: Missouri
Phone: 660-888-8144
E-mail: samanthabrandes17@gmail.com


Name: Matthew Lane
Address: 2103 North 8th Road, Huntley, MT 59037
State: Montana
Phone: 406-698-5809
E-mail: mlane@nemont.net


Name: Sonja Gregory
Address: 8740 Forest Grove Rd. Box 5380, Lewistown, MT 59457
State: Montana
Phone: 406-670-2045
E-mail: bardlivestock@yahoo.com


Name: Cody Bode
Address: 1604 Longhorn Drive, Norfolk, NE 68701
State: Nebraska
Phone: 402-843-8890
E-mail: codybode30@gmail.com


Name: Chelsea Grunhaupt
Address: P.O. Box 341, Springview, NE 68778
State: Nebraska
Phone: 402-322-1689
E-mail: grunhauptultrasound@gmail.com


Name: Jolene Grunhaupt
Address: 89719 Two Rivers Lane, Crookston, NE 69212
State: Nebraska
Phone: 402-389-0473
E-mail: sandhilssultra@gpcom.net


Name: JR Tait
Address: 6265 Cascade Dr Lincoln, NE 68504
State: Nebraska
Phone: 402-762-4177
E-mail: richtait@gmail.com


Name: Audry Biggs
Address: PO Box 1201, Yerington, NV 69447
State: Nevada
Phone: 775-434-4885
E-mail: audrybiggs@aol.com


Name: Bonnie Bradford
Address: 5631 Glynwood Rd., St. Marys, OH 45885
State: Ohio
Phone: 419-394-5076
E-mail: premier1@watchtv.com


Name: Clay Emmons
Address: 138 CR 1210, Fairfield, TX 75840
State: Texas
Phone: 254-716-5735
E-mail: emmonsultrasound@gmail.com


Name: Wade Elliott
Address: P.O. Box 221, Johnson City, TX 78636
State: Texas
Phone: 903-388-6223
E-mail: runnineranch@gmail.com


Name: Casey Worrell
Address: 657 Blue Oak Trail, Harper, TX 78631
State: Texas
Phone: 830-864-5161
E-mail: casey@theranchersresource.com


Name: Michael Rigby
Address: HC 13 Box 4002, Fairview, UT 84629
State: Utah
Phone: 435-469-0402
E-mail: rigbys1@hotmail.com


Name: Andy Meadows
Address: 1891 Rockdale Rd, Wytheville, VA 24382
State: Virginia
Phone: Cell: 540-520-2609

E-mail: ameadows@att.net


Name: Mike Stanek
Address: P.O. Box 217, Potosi, WI 53820
State: Wisconsin
Phone: 515-450-2234
E-mail: mike_stanek@hotmail.com


Name: Eric Geving
Address: 1613 Park Lane Cody, WY 82414
State: Wyoming
Phone: 307-272-0744
E-mail: egeving@tctwest.net


Name: Alvin Ruiz
Address: 3812 Raod 57, Torrington, WY 82240
State: Wyoming
Phone: 307-532-1661
E-mail: wyruiz@vistabeam.com


Name: Brett Ruiz
Address: 2235 East G, Torrington, WY 82240
State: Wyoming
Phone: 307-532-0595
E-mail: bruiz86@hotmail.com




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